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Now the kids have been back at school for a little while head lice are rife again amongst my youngest and his school buddies. I remember having awful head lice at school myself, and that I could count the moving critters on the back of a certain girls head. Every time I got rid of them I would get them right back at class. I vividly remember the foul smelling witches brew of a cure that we had as nit treatment back then. Oh the smell would just not fade even if you washed it six times in a row.

Lyclear spray

What’s in the box….

Luckily times have changed. Allow me to introduce Lyclear. It comes in a spray bottle to make it dead easy and fast.

You spray it on and rub it in so your hair and scalp are covered, then just wait 15 minutes and wash it off.

It is very very oily, which makes it tricky to wash out but it is way easier than other bug treatments the boys and I have used. What I love about it is I cannot smell it, result.

Lyclear application.

Just spray on, and rub it in.

nit comb

Jen shampooing his hair Jen combing his hair.

Anyhow those are my thoughts, and here is an article about sleepovers. Something I know nothing about as a parent. My lads just don’t “do” sleepovers. As a child I was forever over other girls houses.


These following ideas are not my work.

Creative Sleepover Ideas for Competitive Parents

For some parents, the words: “Can we have a sleepover?” sends a shiver down their spine.

  • If it is to be held at their house, they imagine hoards of sugar crazed children running wild and destroying their home while quaking in the wardrobe.
  • If it is to be held at their friend’s house, they can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to their cherub as they depart for what will definitely be some kind of cult recruitment drive, with 18 certificate films and no set bedtime!

Maybe you feel the same way too, but in reality, sleepovers can be great for your child and offer you a chance to become known as the coolest parent around.

If you love them, let them go…to their friend’s house.

A pile of pillows.

A pile of pillows. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sleepovers can be really help their personal/social development. It offers them the chance to interact with their peers in what is likely to be their first opportunity to spend time without parental (or teacher) scrutiny. They can learn how to think for themselves and how to deal with social interactions, while still being in a relatively controlled and certainly safe environment.

Certainly make sure you are happy with the place their going and people they will be with, but remember this is great opportunity for them. Plus you get a night of peace. Though maybe check for head lice after they get back.

How to Get that Cool Parent Medal

Agreeing to host a sleepover can be at the very least, a way for you to know that your child will be a safe. But if you’re ready, take this opportunity to let your creativity shine while providing a truly memorable and rewarding experience for your child, their friends and you, with these winning sleepover set-ups.

Bronze Medal Sleepovers

No Sugar Baking

Baking is a lovely thing to do with your child, but doing it with a group of children can be a challenge. So make it easy on yourself.

  1. Choose a recipe which uses cheap ingredients and (crucially) one which doesn’t include any sugar, so you avoid periods of hyperactivity when you want them to be dialling down in time for bed.
  2. Either provide them each with their own set of pre-measured ingredients and take them through each simple step. Or choose a recipe which has enough steps, so that each of them has an allotted task to complete.
  3. Don’t make them do the washing up.
  4. Eat them with warm milk and a movie.

Pillow Case Making

Not only are you making something with them, you’re making something which is going to make them want to go to bed. If you have a sewing machine you could let them choose from a few materials, but assuming you don’t…

  1. Purchase enough plain white pillow cases, and pillows to go in them, for all those sleeping over. Plus a range of coloured materials, material glue and material pens.
  2. Have all the kids draw what they would like to have on their pillows, onto paper. Be sure to encourage simple designs so it isn’t too tricky.
  3. Cut all their shapes out of the paper, pin them to their choice of material and then cut around the shapes again so you’re left with the same shape but in material.
  4. Use the material glue to stick their shapes/words onto their pillows and follow the glue instructions to complete the application process. (If you do have a sewing machine you could sew them on.)
  5. Watch them run off to bed.

Silver Medal Sleepovers

Dance Madness

Get them good and tired enough to go straight to sleep by organising fun dancing activities. You could also provide dancing dress up outfits and some disco lighting to add to the experience.

  1. Buy or borrow a dancing computer game and let them take turns dancing off against each other or the computer.
  2. If you’re a budding choreographer, work with them to come up with a new dance. Film it so they can share it with their parents.
  3. Set up a stage and chairs for an X Factor style dance off competition.
  4. Finish the evening with an (age appropriate) dancing movie.

Dancing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Football Fun

Another great way of exhausting them in time for bed is to base their sleep over activities around football (or another sport they’re into).

  1. Set up your garden (or an area of your local park) for a football tournament. Organise teams and buy (or make your own) football strips with their names on. You be the referee (with your own outfit if you want to go the extra mile). Get a cup for the winning team and consolation prizes for the losers. If it’s dark outside, set up lamps to act as floodlights!
  2. Try to organise the sleep over on a day when there is a football match on the television and let them eat their post-game snacks/dinner while watching it.

Gold Medal Sleepovers

Computer Game Zone

If your child is really into computer games, then setting them up with an awesome tournament will be a real winner.

  1. Setting up the room is crucial. Cover the floor with mattresses, duvets and cushions so they can all lie around and watch the action. Get a projector so you can have as big a screen as possible and use surround sound so the room is full of the atmosphere of the game. Make sure the room is as dark as possible and get black lights to add to the effect.
  2. Make a buffet of food which is relatively mess free so they don’t have to sit round a table to eat. E.g. burritos, bananas.
  3. Choose games (with your child) which ideally require two or more players so that as many people are involved at once. E.g. sports games. Use a wall chart to keep track of who has one what.
  4. Do not set a bed time.

Under the Sea Explorer

You would be surprised how many aquariums offer groups of children the opportunity to sleep over, next to or under their amazing tanks of sea creatures.

  • Find your nearest aquarium which offers this service. If they don’t do it normally, they may be persuaded to start.
  • Make sure all the kids’ parents are happy for you to take them.
  • Possibly a more expensive option, but organising this will certainly mean you deserve a gold medal.

However creative or adventurous you decide to be, hopefully these suggestions have given you an idea of the sorts of things it is possible to do instead of a normal sleep over.


Disclosure : We were sent a bottle of Lyclear spray in order to test it out for this post. I give it a thumbs up!

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3 thoughts on “Head lice, schools and sleepover tips

  • Lauranne

    Oh this brings back so many memories. The first being the horrid lotion, which apparently contained some nasty stuff and so instead of using it my mum and dad would comb and physically remove all the nits from my hair on the odd occasion I got them (only 2.5 times in my life, 1st time at guide camp on one of my first sleep over experiences, last time I got them as an adult from a child I was looking after, I managed to comb 2 off the front of my head before they had made it to my scalp and so I didn’t really have the full set, hence the .5) The only time I ever used lotion was the weekend of Princess Di’s funeral and we sat and watched it as a family all covered in nit lotion – good times. The other thing I remember is the fear of the word sleep over, I lived in dread of receiving invites as I suffered with horrendous home sickness and the idea of being asked and not knowing what to do filled me with dread!!

  • Alison

    Head lice are horrid, we used to comb for ages. Luckily we haven’t seen them for a long time (touch wood). Love the sleep over tips. We had great fun as kids with a parent who had a US mum, she was much more used to the idea. They were unheard of really at the time