Robot Wars Live 5

  Oh Yes, Robot Wars is back, sadly not yet on TV. Who knows though, we all just need to make a bit more fuss about it so the TV companies notice it’s still going. I found out about Robot Wars in my local town just by chance. I needed a wee, oh the glamour, at least you know I write the truth, so I popped in to the local shopping centre as out town no longer has proper public loos.   I ran past this on the way to the “ladies room” and I could hardly believe my eyes. Behind Major Damage you might notice the delightful little retro Matilda, the house-bot. Ahhh memories of Craig Charles on the telly box getting super excited. (Mr CC isn’t part of the team still, but the men that replace him have huge passion.) I HAD to buy tickets. What I didn’t read […]

Big fun with little trains for half term.

The National Railway Museum is hosting nine days of Big Fun with Little Trains this February half term (not all counties have half term next week, here in Gloucestershire it’s half term this week). Just a few of my boys toy trains…. From 16- 24th February, the National Railway Museum is having a celebration of toys and model trains. Children of all ages (including the grown up kind) will be enthralled by the range of little locos from children’s pedal trains, to rides on indoor and outdoor miniature railways* that the whole family can enjoy. My boys both loved the outdoor trains when they were smaller. Children will be able to get hands-on in the museum play areas and enjoy rides of all shapes and sizes. Meccano and Lego workshops and the G-Wizz garden railway will add to the fun. Family friendly model layouts will be on display and visitors […]