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Oh Yes, Robot Wars is back, sadly not yet on TV. Who knows though, we all just need to make a bit more fuss about it so the TV companies notice it’s still going.

I found out about Robot Wars in my local town just by chance. I needed a wee, oh the glamour, at least you know I write the truth, so I popped in to the local shopping centre as out town no longer has proper public loos.


I ran past this on the way to the “ladies room” and I could hardly believe my eyes. Behind Major Damage you might notice the delightful little retro Matilda, the house-bot. Ahhh memories of Craig Charles on the telly box getting super excited. (Mr CC isn’t part of the team still, but the men that replace him have huge passion.)


I HAD to buy tickets. What I didn’t read running past these impressive ‘bots was this was not any old Robot Wars match up, oh no, it was THE FINALS. Get in!

We saw some awesome action, including Robots going in the pit, having their weapons axed-off, being flamed, and best of all being thrown so hard they were out of the arena. Certain naughty Robots trashed the floor, there was a repair job half way through the show. As you’d expect at something like a panto, the lovely Robot Wars presenters and team knew how to keep people (especially small people) quiet and happy during the delay. They threw sweets in to the crowd, and chatted to some of the audience on the microphones. Great fun.

You can watch YouTubes of the finals, all the Gloucester videos have “GL1” in the titles – that’s the name of the leisure centre they were based in.

As it was the final, its now finished for the winter but please go to to find out more.


I can’t wait to go back next year, hopefully as a VIP. 😉

3-2-1 Activate

Did you watch Robot Wars when you were younger? Did you know they are back? (Before I told you, obviously)

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