Daily archives: February 12, 2013

Dear internet 5

I am a useless person, I bring in no real income. I chat all day online via twitter on my phone to help pass the hours. I comfort eat as I’m bored lonely and cut off in real life. I can’t tell you the last time someone hugged me without a motive except little Jen. The last time a stranger spoke kindly to me was simply because Jen’s chattyness got her attention on the bus. That was just to say I must be a good mum as he’s rather smart for a 4 year old. The last time someone said this in real life before then? I can’t tell you. Online I get told regularly I’m kind, chatty, nice even. But face to face people drop me faster than a sweetie wrapper. Dear internet, you are all I’ve got and I just want a hug, a real person, with warm […]

Why I hate Valentines day 10

So much fake lovey dovey stuff is forced in our faces from mid January to make you buy over priced and largely tatt tokens of affection. I don’t want chocolates in a heart shaped box, or a cheaply made teddy bear just because it’s hugging a heart cushion. It’s everywhere, and this year I am NOT playing this Valentine’s game! This is going to be a rant, a personal one. If you know my in real life kindly stop reading. One year ago, on Valentine’s day night, at midnight so he’d think I’d forgotten any kind of gift or love token, totally unexpected to him (I think) I got down on one knee and asked him to be my husband. He said yes, I was so happy. Then he refused to put the ring on saying he didn’t like jewelry, didn’t want it mentioned anywhere people might hear it or […]