Country Kids

A Warm Day So Off To The Park We Go 3

Today it was sunny outside! *faints* So after lunch we went to the park. By the time the boys stopped debating whether they were going to the park, or just planning on arguing with each other all afternoon, the sun had faded off a little and the wind had picked back up. Chilly, but I was determined they weren’t going to play computer games all day! We went out with a blue football and the parcel I needed to post to the Brolly sheet competition winner. The post office is by the park so it made sense really to do both. When we were in the post office the boys asked for a drink so we got some cartons and drank them as we walked. When I got to the park I was a bit shocked, it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. We couldn’t use the swings or […]

Playing outdoors in the cold. 1

Last week Jen and I went to the park for a picnic… thing is I had promised him a trip to the big park (pittville park in Cheltenham) and as luck would have it it was freezing, about minus 4 degrees on my day off. Still, a promise had been made, it took 2 buses and over an hour but he had fun. We had ourselves a picnic in the park, sitting in the drivers cab of the toy train we had sausage rolls, frubes, fruit muffins and some fresh mushrooms (he eats those instead of fruit). Then we had a bit of a play, pushing on the swings and the usual sort of stuff. At the top of the park are a few large animal cages. We went to say hello to the bunnies, peacocks, chickens, budgies and chipmunks. Jen was keen on those “stripey squirrels”, then we went […]