Walking The Puppy 4

D and I took the woof out for a wander and I took my old phone I’ve just had repaired. I love the photo quality of my old S2 compared to my Xperia which was meant to be better.
Anyway, it’s been ages since I joined in Fiona’s country kids linky. We do go outside but i just forget to photograph it normally.


Autumny pictures




D playing on the swing

We went for a walk up the field then down the old (disused) railway line which is like a mini woodland, then played on a rope swing someone put up a few roads down the hill then home. In the swing photos look at D’s face as he accidentally kicks Freya. I got the feeling she’s never been near a kid on a swing – luckily this swing was quite high up so she was not hurt, just a bit stunned. Fine once D tickled her ears and Freya realises it’s an accident.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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