Cancer Research

Cancer Research UK Want To End The #PacketRacket

Today Cancer Research UK are launching a video (below) to help the campaign for standardised packaging. That means removing the funky, bold, iconic and eye catching designs from fag packets because children respond to branding. I started smoking young, about 12 years old. I stuck to certain brands, pretty ones. So I do agree with this campaign, anything that makes children less likely to start smoking is a good thing. Why do I care about smoking cancers? I care because this killed my Grandad, Gramps, the man who was a dad to me. Killed by brightly coloured sticks of poison sold at the post office, the supermarket, even the sweet shop. I remember clearly my Gramps smoking, and telling me the dangers weren’t known when he started smoking as a young man. That he knew better now, but he was already a smoker for most of his life, why stop? […]

Fiona is Running Race For Life for Cancer Research UK

My darling sister is registered for race for life. So far she’s had one sponsor… Moi.So I’m sharing her sponsorship page here in the hope it helps her reach her target.I know she can run, but I swear she’s only shared the link twice, that won’t work. She’s not exactly got online promotional skills, so big sis (Me) is butting in. We hate cancer because it stole our Gramps from us. I’m so proud of her for doing this. I know strangers won’t know our Gramps, but he was a good man, a police man for decades until he retired, and hes the greatest man I ever knew. Don’t donate if my sharing this link offends you, but if you know how nasty the big C is consider donating a quid to help encourage Fiona and kick Cancers butt. Run Fi Run!Thanks for all RTs and shares.