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I am sure you all know about #NoMakeUpSelfies and how awesome this turned out to be for CRUK (Cancer Research UK). They raised millions of pounds, love or hate selfies you can’t deny that is an amazing amount of dosh.
So when my mate Kay mentioned this #GetYourBellyOut campaign she was involved in I knew I should help.

Kay has Colitis and I know she’s been through some pretty gross and painful things as a result. I can’t do anything to cure her, as there isn’t a cure yet, but nevertheless a fundraising idea for Crohns and Colitis UK was hatched. Its brilliant – get your belly out. Crohns, IBD and Colitis can cripple suffers, but its often a hidden illness, unless you can see those tummy scars.

We’ve decided to raise much needed awareness for CCUK (Crohns and colitis UK) & hopefully money for this fantastic charity too! We are asking if you take a picture of yourself or your Stomach, maybe tag friends & family to “nominate” them to do the same & make a small donation. This will raise awareness & money for CCUK. If you don’t want to post a picture, maybe just make a small donation & share #GetYourBellyOut with friends & family on twitter or Facebook! Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis causes an array of symptoms like rentless diarrhoea some patients up to 40+ times a day, ulcers on the lining of the bowel leading to bleeding of the bowel, inflammation of the bowel, nausea, vomiting, fever, severe pain, exhaustion, eye, skin & joint problems to name but a few. There are over 100 known ailments associated with Crohn’s disease as if having to cope with the disease itself isn’t enough. Surgery maybe needed for some patients to remove parts of the bowel or to remove the whole bowel leading to a colostomy bag. Sadly there is no known cure for Crohn’s disease, just endless treatment, tests, appointments and medication.We’ve all had a 24 hour sickness & diarrhea bug, sufferers of Crohns or Colitis suffer this way beyond the 24 hours, weeks or months even. Its the loved ones that are affected too, watching them suffer.

Text CCUK97 £2 to 70070 
Or IBDA99 £2 to 70070. Both end up at Team IBD awareness on justgiving, for CCUK.


How it was going on Saturday 5th April.

Remember to search twitter tag #GetYourBellyOut or go to their fb page.

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