A treat for Blokey’s feet 1

My Blokey is a large chap, built like a rugby forward player, which means buying clothes has always been a bit of an issue for him. He struggles on the high street, so much so he only buys online now. One of the websites he uses for his clothing, especially his jeans and work suits, is Jacamo. So when Jacamo offered Blokey some manly footwear as a gift he wasn’t going to say no. He chose two pairs of high-tops. One pair are navy blue canvas with white rubber soles, and flat white laces. The other pair are also navy blue but more appropriate for the season we are really in. Sorry Blokey, it’s not summer anymore.

Big feet are a big problem 2

As you might know I am a tall lass. As a result of this I have tall feet. Long wide feet. According to the high street shop shelves I am a bit of a freak at size 10. I can only normally get shoes from t’interweb. Sounds great? Loads of choice? Cheaper online? Wrong! Sadly it means I can’t try them on first – and sometimes I find shoesies like these.

Mend and make do 4

I hate throwing out things I think I can fix. Sadly Freya Woof has a shoe chewing habit, particularly my Crocs. I wear Crocs because I can import big girl sizes from the USA or Canada. I’m UK size 10 to 11, which is normally an American W12. For some reason they don’t sell them in the UK and its so hard for me to get shoes I like. I was mortified this week when Freya chewed up my newest pair I had worn exactly twice. No way, I couldn’t bin these. So I made new straps…. Knitted straps.

Cheeky Shoes 1

I first saw Cheeky Shoes at the sky dive. Susanne was wearing lovely purple ones and I had slight shoe envy. Then I realised that lots of bloggers had tried them, and I got in touch. Sadly the biggest size was a size 8 but I was assured there would be some stretch in this. When they arrived first impressions were “my word they are bright” and that they fitted through the letter box as promised. The packing is minimal and clever.

Shoes, is it appropriate 2

We bought some shoes online. I say we as I choose them, he paid. 3 pairs of big women’s heels, 2 were wedge heeled shoes, and the other was meant to be long boots, with heels. A bit sexy, intended for short skirts. However when they arrived I was shocked to see these killer heels are kids size 11 not adult ladies 11. I would guess at size 11 girls being for a 5/6 year old girl. I was shocked not just because of my disappointment, but WHY are these even made for kids? Little girls shouldn’t be wearing “sexy boots”