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I hate throwing out things I think I can fix. Sadly Freya Woof has a shoe chewing habit, particularly my Crocs. I wear Crocs because I can import big girl sizes from the USA or Canada. I’m UK size 10 to 11, which is normally an American W12. For some reason they don’t sell them in the UK and its so hard for me to get shoes I like. I was mortified this week when Freya chewed up my newest pair I had worn exactly twice. No way, I couldn’t bin these. So I made new straps…. Knitted straps.


Very unique! My son D said “it looks like you killed cookie monster mum!”
If you’ve got straps that are damaged just cast on 4 stitches and knit! I alternated rows of knit and pearl to make the underside smoother on my feet and make it look better. Measure your old straps length and stretch your knitted strap to measure it as it will get stretched when worn. If you measure it un-stretched then your shoes will fall off! Trust me, I made that mistake first.

To attach to your shoes you poke a hole through a loop in the strap and wiggle it wider with your knitting needle. Do not make a buttonhole using clever knitting stitches as the Croc rivet/button you are trying to fasten it over is so small.


They are dusty as I was gardening.

Fixed, for pence, and a little time. What do you think?
I might knit some plain ones in case I go somewhere I need to look smart.

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