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Yesterday we went to the Tonga vs Georgia match at Kingsholm in Gloucester. It was a great game, and I was probably on telly again but I’ve not watched the recording of the match yet.


I wasn't grumpy, just blinded by the sun.

As you can see we were pretty close to the pitch. Not a bad view really, and despite my phone camera failing I can (just about) use the Selfie camera.


Try! Look closely in the corner.


Then the conversion. Ball was faster than me.

Gloucester usually has some cracking street art, and this week lots of new work has appeared. So new in fact we walked past as one artist was spraypainting a wall.


Welcome to Kingsholm. Jen is in front of "Scrumpty".


This is the piece that was being painted today.


Look at the detail, love it.


C'mon England!


This owl has a shadow and feels real as you walk towards it.

If you are visiting Gloucester for the Rugby World Cup I strongly recommend you walk down the alleys and shortcuts to see the art.


Yes, this is a giant ball in the roof of the pub.

This is linked up to #MySundayPhoto on OD3G blog. Remember all these were on a Selfie camera on the front of my phone and I couldn’t see what I was snapping so excuse weird angles please.

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