Bath time with Nemo 4

Jen was recently sent some Nemo bubbles by H&A.
Video removed due to the inappropriate comments made. *yuck*

Jen just enjoys mucking about in the bath, and loves any bubble bath. I have had a bath or two in it myself, so it was a thorough test. Everyone in this house has sensitivity issues, Blokey has contact dermatitis, with D, Jen and I having eczema and dry skin. Blokey didn’t want to test this, he is a shower person, not one to have baths. But the boys and I can’t fault it.

The bubble bath itself was good, but the selling point of the H & A range is that the bottles have favourite characters on. For my little people I’ve found that I could buy some lovely smelling and feeling bath products, but if they don’t look fun, they aren’t going to use it! My boys like pretty packaging. I am more interested in the contents of the bottle myself.


What I liked – it smells nice, although like Jen I can’t pin down what it smells of. It didn’t make the driest patches of my skin itch or feel worse. It is a clear liquid so didn’t stain my white plastic bath. It rinses away nicely from hair and skin and doesn’t feel overly oily or stripping. It’s a bit like it’s not there, but in a good way.

Jen gives it 5/5, and I can’t disagree.

This is our entry in to the Tots100 H & A competition. We have not been paid for this post, but H & A did give us the Nemo bubbles. Our opinions remain honest.

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