Bionsen deodorant range, a review 1

I was recently sent these two products to try out.

For me it was great, I have the roll on and a pump spray. I much prefer sprays, so used this one more than the roll on. The roll on is a nice handbag size, compact. Also nice that the spray wasn’t an aerosol.

Both smelt nice, reminded me of a plain white soap my grandmother used to use, that crossed with baby powder. I’m not great at describing scents, but it’s subtle, nice and all I can say is it smells “clean”. According to Bionsen it contains a unique blend of Japanese spa minerals. “Onsen” is what these spa minerals are known as, hence the name.

It’s is not an anti perspirant, meaning it allows you to sweat still, but not loads. This way your body can still cool you. It’s a gentle sort of deodorant, it has a hypoallergenic formula to effectively neutralise bacteria that can cause body odour.

But crucially still does what it is meant to, and keeps you fresh in a more natural way. This makes it good for folks with sensitive skin, like myself. No irritation whatsoever for me since using this.

As regular followers on the blog or twitter will know, I am a cyclist. I’m happy to report no damp t-shirts after journeys to and from school so thats a success in my opinion! In fact I will probably be buying this again, 5 out of 5 for the spray, but I’d give the roll on 4 out of 5, bit biased though as not keen on roll ons, but it’s certainly not a bad one.

It has other benefits, it’s paraben and aluminum free, ingredients which have been suggested to be potentially nasty and often suggested is a link to cancers. I can think of a certain eco focused soap retailer who also avoid those nasty ingredients, so I think there might be something in that, and is worth avoiding parabens.

The prices are £2.35 for the Bionsen roll on and £2.75 for the Bionsen pump spray, available this month onwards from Morrisons
This is also available from other supermarkets and direct from

I received the products free to test, but the opinions are my own.

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