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Romantic doesn’t have to be a silly over-priced token gift. To me its the little things that are most romantic. Things like coffee and breakfast in bed, or when Blokey picks up on tiny things I say. As regular blog readers will know, I’ve had a troubled past. For me the sweetest thing ever was when we were talking about 80’s toys as we are the same age. I said how I used to collect Pound Puppies and Pound Purries but I had to leave them when I ran away, and I regretted that.

Well I wasn’t dropping hints, I was not asking nor expecting him to find me any PP’s. But he went on ebay when I was asleep and bought a Pound Puppy mummy dog. The ones with the velcro tummy with babies inside. I was so surprised, a simple comment in a conversation, I had forgotten it by the next day, but Blokey hadn’t.


My PP Mummy with 2 youngsters.

He didn’t get me just any Pound Puppies, these weren’t the cheapest, or first he found. He managed to find exactly the same type I used to have, from the right years.

Across the next few Christmases and birthdays I got given retro teddies. Not just scruffy old ones, but good condition, clean preloved items from my past… Only bringing good memories back. Then there was the Christmas he bought me the brand new Furby as I had said innocently during an advert on kids tv for Furby (again not fishing for gifts or dropping hints) that I had always wanted one, but was never allowed one as a child.


Roo and Fudge (Build-a-bear) on my pillow.

I find the way he wants to restore my soft toy collection is adorable, and I often now get Build-a-bear teds or Roo’s for Christmas.


This is my entry to the National Holidays valentines competition.

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