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I noticed Jax from Liveotherwise blog about this great competition from Money supermarket and knew I had to enter. It’s called 30 ways to save £1, and the great thing about this competition isn’t the huge prize money, it is that they will give you £1 per tip, if you publish your own post on this topic before 17th of May, so what are you waiting for?
Pounds, Quid, gold pieces, dosh!
    1. The first tip has to be, enter this competition yourself as soon as you have read this post!
    2. Always make sure you use the food with the shortest dates first. Throwing out a few items a week could cost you several pounds.
    3. Wash your laundry at 30 degrees when you can to save a little bit in electric bills.
    4. Try to save a little bit of gas and water (so dosh too) by shortening you shower by 10 seconds a day.

  1. If you’ve got a loaf of bread on the last day of its sell by, split it into 3 portions, keep one out to use and freeze the other two. This way you’ve just a few slices and can use it within it’s last day which will restart from when you defrost it.
  2. Feed any food peelings you might have, or fruit cores, to small pets. My bunnies and chickens eat less “pet food” due to this.
  3. Any food scraps you can not pass to the pets, compost bin them! A single decent sized bag of compost costs around £8! But you make it for free using rubbish.
  4. Try to grow your own fruit of veggies. You do not need expensive kit, I often get fruit from bushes bought at pound shops. So spend £1 in spring, to save you about £3 a punnet of raspberries, blackcurrants or gooseberries. The plants are unlikely to fruit until the next year, but still a super saving.
  5. Freecycle and Freegle! These local recycling groups can save you several pounds if you use them. For example, you no longer want an old wardrobe, but it is useable – it would cost you around £10 to have the council collect a large item on bin day, or about £4 in fuel to drive to the tip yourself, OR a local person collects it themselves, at their expense and the best bit is it stays out of landfill.
  6. Shop for presents just *after* that holiday, for example buying Easter Eggs from Easter Monday onwards and put them on a shelf at home until next year, be sure to check the dates before you buy them though. Start with Christmas in late December or January, I have a draw just full of cards, wrapping paper, crackers and small gifts ready for next year, bought very cheaply.
  7. Competitions! Enter at least a few free online entry competitions a week – this week I won a £25 supermarket gift card from another Mummy blog – very handy.
  8. Always check reduced areas twice on a food shopping trip. These areas are regularly topped up with new offers as the staff find them, and if you check these areas as you start shopping and then again when you are nearly finished the stock is different.
  9. Coupons, always use coupons if you can. I actually have a flat pencil case in my handbag I keep vouchers in, and check them regularly. Join “clubs” for brands you like and you might be emailed or posted more vouchers.
  10. Cash back sites, a personal favourite! I use Top cashback and quidco often. For example I shop online then quickly use the TCB and Quidco apps on my phone to see if that company is registered. The discounts vary, but worth a try. Referral links are in the sidebar if you want to sign up.
  11. Use charity shops, did you know some charity shops do loyalty cards, I get a “stamp” worth £2 on my card each time I donate a good sized bag of old outgrown kids clothes. Ps, gift aid all donations – it doesn’t save you money but it is extra help for your charity at no cost to yourself. Bargain!
  12. Buy in sales. If like me, you have school age children buy the next size up in school uniform in the sales after the “back to school” rush. Shoes are a great saver, buying winter style shoes in summer time often means they are very very discounted.
  13. A rain water butt to collect rain for gardening can save you a lot if you are on a water meter. A simple water butt will cost you around £30 but will last many years, that “free” water can be used for watering the garden, or washing the car. When the water was cut off here in the 2007 floods we actually used this water to flush our loo – we were one of the few with a working lav due to this.
  14. Buy cd’s and computer games second hand. I recently bought 8 albums at £1 each because they were preloved, but they have all the same music as newer copies that would cost me around £6 to £15 depending on the artist.
  15. Buy a rubber spatula. No really, these are great. stop wasting food that’s stuck to the side of cans and jars – get every pennies worth.
  16. Adjust your heating now the weather is getting warmer. You can knock the thermostat down a single degree, or do like I do and shorten the timer function. It now is on for a total of 2 hours per day – at shower and bed times only so the kids are comfy – in winter it’s more like 5 hours a day.
  17. Reuse odd socks as dusters! I know, dusters are cheap but odd socks are free…. you were only going to bin them weren’t you?
  18. Meal plan, try to buy what you need and never go shopping hungry – you’ll buy all the high fat/sugar/calorie stuff you crave at the time, but less of the sensible staple foods.
  19. Try the value/budget/smart range versions of items you buy at least once. Heads up, avoid value tea and coffee, blurgh it is nasty, really nasty stuff.
  20. Buy (or pick) in season fruit and veggies and freeze them so you are not buying imported items at twice the price later in the year.
  21. The standby buttons? Noooo, standby uses quite a bit of juice still, so turn things off properly, not just hit the remotes. If you watch TV in bed make sure you set the built in timer (if it has one), so if you nod off before the end of your film it will turn off at a set time so it’s not running all night.
  22. Posh underwear for cheap. Buy miss-matched items from shops in sales but stick to just black or white, and a bra from Primark appears to match those pants from Marks and Sparks.
  23. Got a favourite t-shirt with a stain you can’t shift? It’s just become your favourite pj top! Do not bin it
  24. Womble. I’ll happy to admit I womble, you know those till printed vouchers that the big supermarkets give you? Many people just chuck them on the floor, I keep my eyes peeled as I walk to the shop from the car and often see a price promise or money off petrol voucher. One day after shopping I spotted 2 petrol vouchers on the way back to the car, and partners car was almost running on fumes. Saved us £9 that time. They might as well be pound notes on the floor.
  25. If you only need something once, ask your mum or siblings if they have whatever you need and could you please borrow theirs instead.
  26. Skill swap. If you know about computers but are DIY shy offer to help a computer illiterate pal with setting up things like anti-virus in return for them helping you put a shelf up straight or fixing some problem plumbing for you. Skilled professionals can cost £20 to £30 an hour, so would save you and the mate as well.

I hope some of these tips were useful to a few readers, have fun saving a few quid here and there. What are your money saving ideas?

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