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We have two tiny gardens. The back garden is fenced and secure but a mess thanks to the pesky (but cute) chickens.

This is the state of the garden, hardly any grass and waterlogged clayish soil. With the current rain it’s boggy out there! The front garden is smaller, and with no fencing but has better drainage and supports a lawn, woohoo.
It’s good enough to keep trees alive and happy.

Image from http://www.tots100.co.uk/2013/10/06/become-a-play-ambassador-with-activity-toys-direct/

Image from http://www.tots100.co.uk/2013/10/06/become-a-play-ambassador-with-activity-toys-direct/

If I had the £750 prize I would start by having a neighbour round. His truck has “landscape gardening” written on it. We need the clay soil to be skipped and then a layer of gravel to be laid then top soil. I’d like to use recycled if possible, and topsoil is often on freecycle around here. Could maybe do 50% freecycled and 50% bought in. Either way if it’s got gravel it’ll be at least 100% better than the current mud bath. I would also have the patio slab path ripped up and have circle stepping stone tiles in the lawn that you can lawnmower over.

I would also get quotes to have the three silly steps removed and have the garden as a long slope not a flat-ish lawn with a wonkey drive way.


Jen's drawing. The red forks are rugby posts, good lad.

The back lawn would be turfed with super strong pet proof grass, if such a thing exists. With a strip of astroturf / fake lawn along the edge where the fence blocks so much light the grass just won’t grow. If you can’t win, cheat a little. I want the trees to be professionally moved to spread them out – I don’t want them destroyed as you can’t beat fresh from the garden fruit. However the space the trees are in is the sunny spot and I’d love to move the chicken coop and bunny mansion hutch there so they are happier but also would fit in better so wasting less lawn space.

The space would then be useable and fun. It would work for the kids and the pets.

In the front garden I’d adore a wooden swing set, something like this.

I know the neighbours kids would use this but I don’t mind at all- unless its teenagers smoking. I’d not like that. Two swing seats is needed so D and Jen can play together. The climbing frame bit is a nice bonus, making this a more complete toy.


This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition

I think it would be like having a playground in my garden. That would be ace!

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One thought on “A Family Friendly Garden

  • Iva

    I think a strip of fake grass under a fence is a smart idea, because it’s a tough area to keep looking good. When you say pet proof grass, are you referring to urine burns? Also what kind of fruit trees do you have? Consider getting dwarf fruit trees the next time you want to add to your yard, because they can be kept in very large containers and moved wherever you want. Many citrus trees are available in dwarf varieties.