Are Smart TVs Too Smart Now?

When I was a kid, TVs were very basic, a few buttons or tuning knobs. It was on-off, channel and volume. No record, save, rewind, pause, I understood the new bits like rewind and fast forwards when they first came in, and it was great.

I think now though it has got to a point where TVs are a bit too flipping SMART! It’s like the TV is secretly laughing at me, as I am one of the many parents who get their children to do the set up bits on the goggle box. I’m no technophobe (obviously as I’ve got this blog) but the TV baffles me. So many menus and buttons, and functions I do not understand.

In fact the little wall mounted LED TV I bought my partner for Christmas is worse, it has all kinds of functions I can not use, it is almost a pc, screwed onto the wall! It is like this one but a tiny bit smaller.

Whilst I do like the internet, and the idea of being able to watch YouTube and BBC and ITV players from apps in my TV, it’s all a bit awkward using a remote control. It also has about a gazillion radio stations, Freeview, Wi-Fi, Facebook, Twitter, Internet browser, Lovefilm, Skype (needs a camera though), Picasa and games apps in it. I could (but haven’t) connect it to my Sky subscription.
I can connect it to other devices in my house that use Wi-Fi, such as a DVD player or speakers. If I wanted to I could control the TV using my S2 Samsung phone. It does too much, sorry Samsung. I want a TV, with a cracking picture, good quality and easier to use.

Partner puts on the Telly himself in our room, I leave it well alone mostly. Just about my limit for using it is turning it on, and setting it on to sleep timer, so that it will turn off after an hour so if I nod off it’s not wasting electric all night long. Family guy, the best thing in the world to nod off to. I would love to know how the games apps and BBC iPlayer actually work on there, but in honesty I got so confused I watch iPlayer in bed on a Kindle.

On our TV in the lounge it is a Smart telly, but older. This one I can mostly control alright. It is not full of apps I’ve never heard of, it is what it says on the tin. Thank you LG! It is High Def and has great sound, it can do satellite, Freeview, or analogue and is connected to the kids consoles via wires, messier but so much simpler for me to understand. I can press this lovely button on the remote called input and it goes from Freeview, to Xbox, to sky, to DVD player and so on. I get it.

So please, please TV companies, rewind the tech a little eh? Some of us haven’t caught up yet! It is embarrassing asking my children to do things on my TV. Son, please record that program for me because I still can not work the TV?
But do not rewind back to black and white! Many thanks, a confused Mummy!!

This is a sponsored post. I was given the theme to write about, but all the opinions are my own.

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