Are you drinking enough water?

I don’t know about you folks, but I know that I drink way too much coffee and not enough water. To me water is boring, I don’t like it. Since I moved to Gloucestershire I’ve not liked the taste, it’s just not like Cornish water.

Two days before my wedding the kids and I popped up towards the capital to the WWT London in Barnes as guests of Robinsons. There was a serious talk for the grown ups,  whilst the children all went outside with WWT staff to play. Dee wasn’t “feeling it” at all this day and was on the verge of losing his marbles – he doesn’t fit too well with young children, I think he prefers the company of adults. Luckily though there were coasters – lots of them, so he kept making card houses to knock down.

duck? Duck? Goose?

The grown up bit was facts and figures. Did you know:

Robinsons invented Barley Water for tennis players at Wimbledon? No one had done it before, now lots of shops seem to have an own label version.

Humans are around 70% water as babies and that gradually the percentage drops to around 55% in the elderly.

Two thirds of parents aren’t sure how much their children should be drinking. It might sound icky, but pee is a great indication of hydration levels – it should be a pale golden yellow not orange or dark.

You can potentially survive weeks without food, but only a few days without water.

grown up bit

We really enjoyed playing around the centre, so many birds, and some of them extremely rare. One of the birds we saw had been almost extinct, it was down to a single bird… luckily that bird was a female of egg laying age and WWT Barnes helped save a species. Impressive! Dee started to enjoy himself and once the scheduled bit of our day was over he chilled out and settled into a bit of wildlife photography. He loves his camera, which suits me as my photography skills are not so hot.

Seriously, these things are handbag heroes. We take them on camping holidays, days out or long drives. Just get any bottled water (such as the supermarket value range we keep in the car boot) and stick in two squirts of Squash’d – much better than loading them with fizzy pop and much easier than getting them to drink plain water.

Disclosure : We were given free entry into WWT London for the day, and went home with some Squash samples. This is an entry for Britmums #EnjoyMoreWater, challenge sponsored by Robinsons.

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