At Last – A Greenhouse! 2

So I love gardening, but gardening does not love me back. I try my best but I often kill plants or the seeds themselves never grow.


Well not anymore, I have a greenhouse at last, despite having had a garden of our own for about 7 years. The front garden is the sunny place, but due to the open, unfenced nature of the front we have had to stick it on the patio in the back garden.

In the back garden it only gets direct sunlight from dawn until about 2pm but this seems to be enough. It’s never hot in there, but it is much warmer in there than outside next to it. The plan is grow tomatoes and veggies we use often in there according to my partner. But as I’m paying for the greenhouse you’ll see it’s full of my flower pots.

All the bulbs in the round pots were almost hibernating, or making a truly half hearted effort at sprouting. Now they look more like they should. Who knows, maybe soon I will have some colour in my garden not just mud?

At the weekend we visited the inlaws and I did some gardening for great grandparents and while I was at it nabbed some cuttings and seed pods from plants that had gone over. These plants are old, well established plants so the seeds should be good quality, and I hope they grow.

Do you have favourite plants or flowers that you want to grow? I’m keen on old fashioned, British plants, like snowdrops, bluebells, daffodils and crocuses.

This is my #MotivationalMonday post to add to the green themed linky that @PinkOddy and @aPartyOfSeven jointly host.
If you’re doing something green join in on!

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2 thoughts on “At Last – A Greenhouse!

  • pinkoddy

    You are joking right?? You grow loads and I am always truly inspired by your garden. I took a photo from the outside it was so amazing. Be nice to have a green house though.

    Thank you for linking up with Motivational Monday

    • JulieRoo Post author

      You haven’t seen the back recently! Very poor for me, no colour yet. It’s flower season too, I’ve no idea why it’s failing to grow out there. I feed and water, add homemade compost but still teeny tiny plants. *confused face*