Back to school time 3

Those words “Back to school” fill me with dread. Whilst I definitely think the holidays need to end, as D desperately misses his strict school’s routine, I hate all the shopping!
It’s not just the shopping though, it’s the washing, ironing, name labels and cupboard clearouts of old stuff.


So much pressure is put on parents using those three innocent seeming words back to school. Buy buy buy! Well do you know what, I can’t just buy everything the big companies suggest.

This term D is going back in last years shoes, because he says they still fit. I am not buying new lunch bags or boxes, the old ones still work. We are also reusing much of last years uniform. If it still fits its a keeper, the rest went to charity shops. They can’t make a fortune but 50p a shirt would help out another family, and reduces waste. I recycled the excessive packaging some of the new uniform comes with, and shoe boxes will become chew toys for the rabbits – just hide some fruit or veg peelings in there and Bart and Mo will destroy the box for the treats.

Why should we struggle to buy all new? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am doing back to school as cheap or frugal as I can.

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