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Morning folks, as I recently wrote I’m going camping very soon. Sunday in fact, its come around fast. I don’t know about my blog readers but I always feel we have forgotten something, so I’m going to write a list hopefully others might find helpful. I know we aren’t typical campers as we move in for a fortnight on site, so for shorter trips you can do away with much of this.

Things to do before you go….
Empty fridge of anything open/perishable. Try to take with you or freeze instead.
Wash up and empty dishwasher so doesn’t smell stagnant when you get home.
Have UHT milk in cupboard and bread in freezer so you don’t need to shop on way home.
Do as much washing as you can so its not left dirty.
Arrange someone to feed pets.
Clean pet’s hutches before going.
Unplug everything except fridge, freezer and TV digi box / sky so can still record.

Top of list, the Tent!
Extra tent pegs
Rubber hammer for pegs
Tent extension awning
Air beds or foam mats
Foot pump or electric pump
Sleeping bags
Normal clothing including PJ’s
A few extra warm fleeces or coats
Camping cooker
Gas bottle and valve for cooker
“kitchen” cupboard to stand cooker on
3 saucepans and a frying pan
Washing up bowl and tea towels etc
Picnic rucksack containing 6 x plates, cutlery and plastic beakers
A very sharp kitchen knife and scissors so you can cut meat still
KETTLE! Never forget this, Brits need tea.
Various food OR order online before you go. Asda and probably others deliver to campsites in Cornwall
4 camping chairs
Fold out table
Fridge/cool box
Freezer blocks
BBQ bucket for warmer evenings
Toiletries and baby wipes
A water carrier or 2 of the 5l bottles of water to refill
Potty if you have young kids, possibly nappies for night time
A camping washing line (you can buy camping rotary lines I’d recommended these)
Swimming kit
Body boards and wetsuits
Dustpan and brush, or collapsible handled broom
Folding scooters for kids
Outdoor toys, ball, cricket set, hoopla, Water guns etc
Electric power lead
DAB radio with built in alarm clock
Phone chargers
Maps updated on phones from home wifi in advance
A laptop to research area and places to go or play youtube cartoons if desperate to make kids chill
Any medication you normally need
Basic kids precautionary medicines, calpol, Savlon, plasters etc
Telescope to watch stars

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