An unlikely “sport” – competitive vaping

Back in the days I used to smoke I wasn’t aware of smoking clubs, or smoking blogs. It sounds a bit crazy right? Well, I dunno how I feel about that in honesty, that modern smokers have vaping* clubs and vapers blogs.

Honestly, there are even vaping competitions where people compete to make the biggest or prettiest clouds, and the competitors take it very seriously. I couldn’t believe that when my Husband told me earlier tonight, so being a blogger I’ve trawled the interweb looking for good examples of this dark art… most of which I can’t repost for copyright reasons.


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Like doughnuts just trapped in the air, pretty yet bizarre.

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When I was a smoker it was seen as dirty and dangerous, but since vaping things seem a lot more socially acceptable. It’s also apparently safer than smoking. Obviously I’m not suggesting anyone takes up any habits, but I’ve got to admit, watching the videos of vaping tricks, huge clouds and smoke rings, it is a bit hypnotic to watch. If I tried competitive vaping I betcha I’d be in a “Fail” compilation in record speed. Whatever next? Competitive drinking? I can’t play that game either!

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A man in a cloud. Kinda pretty.

I just don’t have these kind of skills – maybe I can get into loom band or fidget spinners. I’m clearly so in touch with modern trends. In fact I think I might just go full retro and get a cup and ball out. That right there is something I used to be able to do.

wooden toy

A retro classic. Credit.

If you already vape, check out* to see the new product launch coming late this year. A self refilling and charging “smart” vaporiser.

Disclosure : this post contains a sponsored* mention. The rambling waffle, as usual, is my own.

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