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Me and dentists are never going to be best friends. I started off badly, as a child I had dental issues – I had too many teeth! I had six front teeth, not four and that’s why my front teeth look odd to this day. The middle pair are big, the the outer pair being noticeably smaller than all the rest of my teeth.

I remember being gased in hospital to have the smallest set removed, clutching my teddy bear, and trying to fight the gas by talking to my Nan and Gramps.


Sadly similar happened as an adult when I got wisdom teeth. I had pain but tried to ignore it. Not a wise move as my teeth crumbled under the pressure of the constantly growing new wisdom teeth. I was eating ice cream whilst pregnant with D and I heard and very much felt a crack. Half of a back tooth snapped off. I was in agony. I plastered it a certain gum-numbing product and tried to carry on as normal. But I could not, more pieces of the back teeth kept crumbling off and even drinking water hurt.

I was reluctantly dragged to a dentist. That dentist attempted to stab me 7 times with a needle of pain killers. Not helpful! I have a needle phobia but lucky for the dentist I’d *frozen* and was crying as I would normally freak out in a more physical way in phobia situations. The dentist gave up as I was nearly drowning in tears and snot. These teeth remained broken until D was a toddler. I tried to go to dentists, but it resulted in panic attacks and the dentists eventually agreed I was untreatable. I had begged for it to be fixed in hospital but had been refused as it’s “not normal procedure to knock out adult patients for an extraction” apparently. Then Mother in law got involved and ranted at the doctors a bit – within months I was booked in at the local hospital. Even this wasn’t “routine” though due to the needle phobia.

The hospital staff were going to put me out using needles, I panicked and cried. In the end they agreed to gas me, but my phobia was already in charge. I wanted these teeth removing but I couldn’t allow the doctors or the anethnetist to touch me. My Blokey had to! I was that hysterical they let a man with no medical training put me under. If they hadn’t I think it would have been years later they were likely to be fixed.

I woke up in pain, but a good pain. Knowing the smashed teeth were gone. Seven teeth were removed. Now I have bumpy scarred gums, but compared to cracked wisdom teeth with an extreme level of sensitivity, this was actually a good choice.

I use my own teeth as a bad example to my kids to try and make them brush their teeth more often. The truth is this happened because I simply had too many teeth, or too small a mouth. I brushed my teeth regularly, like I was told.

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I try super hard to look after my remaining teeth and brush regularly. Sensitivity is a big issue for me, and can affect what I am able to eat. I like that this is such a comprehensive paste, whitening, sensitive, gum and breath being some of it’s features. It’s great for me.


Disclosure: I received the toothpaste free in order to write this post. No payment is involved and my opinions are honest and my own.

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