Friday after school 4

Last week was a bad week.
Got a bit of bad news from the police. Partner had a car crash. Train station staff refused me travel for over two hours in London so got home at bed time. Having a bad night, then one parent said “What’s wrong Julie?!” in the playground and I broke down and cried on her shoulder for an hour. Freya Woof got Tikka and the poor hen nearly died. Tail-less but mainly feather damage, with some nasty cuts and bruises. I’ve got 3 types of chicken medicines on the go right now trying to help her. I was convinced she’d go in her sleep on the first night, but she’s hanging on in there and has started nibbling on food.

Anywho after a week of something going wrong every day I went to the park with Jen and Freya after school. I tied Freya to the fence by the swings and started playing.


Let's do this....

Why the excited face? Well he’s never managed the monkey bars. They hurt his hands and arms too much, and these are jolly high for a kids park – around 7 or 8 feet high.


Pleased little face!

I had to photo this. Ok, it is not technically a good photo. But it was the first time, and there was bright glaring sunshine. Great for playing, bad for quickly taken photos.


Wow, "Mum, Mum I'm doing it!"


Where is my hat?

This is typical Jen right here.


Climbing wall.

This is the little climbing wall Freya likes to hop over. Got Mr Grumpy in the background though unfortunately. I have no idea who this man was but he was talking about me in a derogatory way, mainly ranting to whoever would listen “Who does she think she is? Charity t-shirt in this park? Does she think we are rich around here daft cow! I bet she doesn’t donate to charity herself, cheeky cow!” and so on. I can tell you it took a lot of tongue biting and self restraint not to get stroppy back.

What is wrong with this?

I know he was rude, but after the last week that was a good day. I kept telling myself I am a good person for not screaming at him in front of Jen but man I wanted to. :-/


And finally homeward bound.

Bye bye. Well behaved child and pup walking home. A few months back Jen walking her would have been out of the question, but she really understands now that he’s so much smaller and more fragile and she reacts appropriately to who is walking her. She’s learning. Good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Friday after school

  • Lauranne

    if you don’t want to go bat shit crazy on this guy, perhaps send him my way and I will. What a pregnant goldfish, does it matter one iota what you wore to a kids play park?? Next time go nipple tassels and if he complains point out it’s not a charity t-shirt!! Idiot man!!

  • Emma

    What does it matter what you’re wearing? You’re taking your child to the park. Period. What that has got to do with him, I would love to know.

    Anyway I’m sorry that your week was so awful. It never rains, it pours as they say. But good luck with everything else. Hope life gets a lot better for you soon. Sounds like you could use the rest!