How About an Online Raffle for #MMskydive ?

Righty, I am thinking of ways to help with the skydive sponsorship for the Team Matilda Mae jump and I have a cunning plan. I offered advertising space on MRB to small companies in return for donations to my just giving page, but I have not yet had any takers. (If you are a blogger, or a business and this sounds tempting there is a link explaining it all on my left sidebar along with the Skydive badge)

I’ve had an idea…

What I am thinking is I try to source a few prizes to giveaway on MRB and I do an online raffle. So companies could donate a prize and I would link to the company’s website from my blog, MRB readers could enter to win prizes by making a donation on my just giving page, or by TextGiving by texting “JSKY99 £1” to 70070. (The minimum donations that are set by just giving are £2 on the online page, but £1 on TextGiving)

The only downside I see is you aren’t meant to Gift Aid a donation if it is in return for something, such as a competition, a bet, a prize or product.

So if I can get prizes, would anyone enter? Or if you have a small business would you donate a prize to the cause? Good idea? Bad idea? If anyone has any good online fundraising ideas I am all ears.

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