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This week with the hot weather my garden is doing rather well. I finally, almost, have a lawn again.
I’ve been sneaking out in the evenings and watering the trees and the mud lawn so it doesn’t die from the heat.
I recently shared photos of my fruit trees, and hopefully you can see the size increase of the plums.



The plums were about baked bean sized, now they are more like traditional sweet stall humbug sized.



I think this is an apple tree, but it might be a pear tree as I didn’t label them when I planted the trees. Whoops. Either way that’s lunch box fruit right there.


I spy berries

The raspberries look like fruit now, although it is tiny fruit.


Almost a lawn

Its not great, but look…. Green stuff not mud. Yay!


The bed the trees are in

The bulbs are sprouting up nicely, and some grass and wild flowers are also poking through the soil. The big bush at the back of this picture is our gooseberry bush.

The plants in my green house died, thanks to slugs. I put new seeds in and lines of salt on the green house floor to deter the little blighters. Whilst not really worth photographing yet those seeds are sprouting. Come on tomatoes, come on peppers, we love curries and pasta dishes in this house.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

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