I’m in limbo 22

Purgatory.  Groundhog day.  And so on.

Yesterday (Monday 26th) the carpet was meant to be laid to finish off the living room following on from over a month of home improvement work.  It’s pretty much done now, just a few little bits and bobs left to do such as re-hanging family photos and sewing some curtains.
But yesterday this happened …


The carpet was wrong

Yes, Carpetright ballsed up. After I was so complimentary about them too! My review of Carpetright which needs editing now I think.


I get that mistakes happen, but I cannot understand why no one checked the delivery against the order. The carpet that came sounded a similar name but was a country mile off what we wanted. I order “Kingswood aubergine stripe” what came was “Kingswood aubergine”. Even I could tell it wasn’t a stripe carpet before it was unrolled. I said to the lovely fitters (freelancers not Carpetright staff) that it was wrong, he was giving it a bit of banter…. “are you sure you don’t want a solid deep purple carpet? I reckon it’s lovely. Stripes are so last week aren’t they?” All with a smile on his face, he could see the colour drained from my face I think as as soon as he looked at me he went all serious. He phoned our local store – on speaker phone.

“Yeah hi it’s NAME with XYZ fitters. We are at NUMBER ROAD NAME and you’ve bodged it. You gave me the wrong carpet… its got the right name but it’s wrong. Their lounge is stripped of furniture, and we have done the underlay…” the reply was longer words for all the managers are at a meeting and can’t talk. The fitter is riled at that “so what happens when you folks get it wrong and all your managers are busy? That is useless to this customer isn’t it?!?” “Well that’s exactly what has happened here” mumbles the guy in the store. The call went on a bit.

The fitters are totally seeing my point of view. The poor sods look mega embarrassed. They ask should they fit the wrong one and we haggle with the store but are clear that this makes it non refundable and we would be stuck with it. Blokey looks at me and shakes his head “I don’t like it Julie. It’s too dark in this room, think about how it’s going to look with black leather sofas?”
Blokey is dead right… why take time choosing and getting samples and thinking about the colours of the stripes to match and compliment the decor and furniture to just settle for what I didn’t want?


The soonest possible date for the correct carpet is Friday. Apparently that’s them rushing it too, oh well excuse me for not curtseying and thanking you all for rushing! Until then it’s camping indoors for us.


And with all the lounge furniture in the kitchen we can’t even cook. We tried, we really did. We can’t just move everything back in to move it out and back again on Friday. I have an old back injury from pregnancy, where I actually got shorter by a few inches. I avoid unnecessary heavy lifting as it causes my legs to lose control/go dead a few hours later. How I wish that was an exaggeration. Blokey shouldn’t be moving anything, he’s just had an operation and wasn’t even meant to be driving yet, let alone moving stuff.


Yes, that's how we've been trying to cook.

I’ve heard the word sorry now but it’s so hollow. It feels scripted, said without feeling it’s just a meaningless word. It fixes nothing.

For all this hassle, living in chaos and numerous phone calls and even tweeting at them as they forget to tell me what’s going on.
Guess what the “gesture of goodwill” towards this balls up is? Perhaps the fitting fee refunded? Stairs getting done free with the “Kingswood aubergine” non stripe so it kind of matches the lounge? A reasonable discount to offset the need for takeaway dinners? Maybe the stripes at the remnant price they are going to flog the plain one at? Perhaps a rug off the shelves at the local branch? A hand written note with some chocolates and flowers? Nope!

£50…. 10% of the total order. Does this feel right to you readers?

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