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I was recently asked if I would like to review JOHNSON’s baby easy rinse foaming shampoo with Jen.

I know it’s called “baby” shampoo but I’ve been using it myself too, and it smells rather nice.

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It comes in a little pump action bottle that makes it foam lots like the hand-soap in public loos. Jen likes it mostly because it is fun, I like it because he wants to wash his hair! Until recently he was keen on being clean, baths, showers, paddling pools or hosepipes… he was not fussy.

Now we have to nearly wrestle him to water, but today he went in to the bathroom to play with his Lego boat in the bath – of course he did not actually get in the bath but he did at least put his hands and arms in a bath without a strop. Guess what he washed his boat in? YUP, the Johnson’s baby easy rinse foaming shampoo of course.

Johnson & Johnson are a brand I’ve used since I was a child – I used to love the duck yellow and familiar scent of the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Unsurprisingly I used the Johnson’s brand for my own children too when they were babies.

Both Jen and D have sensitive skin and neither say they feel itchy at all after using this.

One challenge was washing his own hair, and to be honest he managed it in almost one minute so thats not bad going.
(I keep forgetting I need to turn my phone sideways. Dohh, sorry.)

The next challenge was to make daft styles and have fun with bubbles.





As you can see, he had fun. Jen rates it as “a bit good!” whereas I will give it 8 out of 10. It’s rather good, smells lovely, but it does need two washes for my boys and I to make our hair feel clean.


The boys say I must buy it again soon, but we still have loads left.

Disclosure: I was sent this shampoo free for me and my boys to try it out. No payment has been received and all my views are honest. (Same for Jen.)

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2 thoughts on “Johnson’s Baby Easy Rinse Shampoo

  • Vicky

    Hi Julie,

    I’m thinking about trying this on my 7 yr old – she has long hair and i just can’t get the shampoo fully out of her hair, she has sensitive skin too so i’m limited as to what i can use – does this rinse better than the yellow original Johnson’s shampoo do you think?

    Many thanks,