Just Arrived at Hendra in Newquay 2

First impressions of the outside of our caravan, home for the next few days, wasn’t marvellous. They are all beige and uniform distances apart.

Then we walked inside, pleasantly surprised! Some of the fitted furniture is better than the furniture in my house.

Home from home

I decided to bring some of our own bed linen to avoid an extra charge, and at least I know its washed in decent detergent if I’ve done it myself. I also took the Brolly sheet which you can’t see but it’s under Buzz Lightyear.

The boys made themselves comfortable!

Then we had pizza and a pudding pizza which I thought was great. 😀 yummy! Thanks Morrisons, never had a pudding pizza before, but it’s awesome.
Now we are at the club bar ready for kiddy entertainment to start. Cheesy music but holiday parks are meant to be cheesy aren’t they.

Here is the Caravan we were in:


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