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As you might have read I recently went carpet shopping as I am on a bit of a home improvement mission. It’s got to a stage where I just hate most of the scruffy old stuff in our home, for example old carpets or faded/tainted paintwork. I haven’t exactly got a plan to how I am sorting the house out, I just repair or update whatever is annoying me the most. A little while ago that meant fitting a new fire and tiling it myself.


I was quite proud of this.

Now it is most definitely all about the floor. My new carpet is being fitted in early January which means I have a little time to find a rug that I like, is machine washable and goes ok with the new carpet. This isn’t so easy! As is common with me, I’ve been distracted by cute stuff. Namely this football rug* from Zurleys website.


I decided this beauty is going in my lads room. They have a deep blue, nearly navy blue carpet and this rug looks super cute. When it arrives I will place it in the middle of the floor with some Lego men and some marbles so the boys realise they can play footie on it.

For the living room though, hmmm.


I could play it safe and buy a plain grey rug but that is so dull. I want something cool, but cheap, and easy to clean mud off of it. I feel I am going to have to compromise on some of my criteria though.

Disclosure : Zurleys are sending my boys the football rug but my opinions are my words are all my own.

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