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Our loveable Freya Woof doesn’t really play much yet. Every now and then she gets all hyper and bouncy and it’s adorable to watch.
She was sent two Kong xtreme products to try by Swell Pets. Puppy Kong chew toys are blue and white marbley colour, standard Kong’s are pillar box red, and the Kong xtremes are in black. The rubber in the xtreme range is rougher for heavy chewers or over excitable woofers. Freya needs the xtreme products as chewing is her bad habit, plastic cups and the kids teddies, the curtains and the door mat have all been chewed.


The idea is they are hard to chew through, but have holes in to fill with treats. Think of it like a complex puzzle, which takes patience and needs a decent reward in the Kong to be worth your pooches time. Cheaper dog biscuits that smell boring/plain aren’t going to get woofers attention – try meaty sticks and chewy more pliable snacks.
Freya loves the bone shaped one, but sadly the Classic Kong shape doesn’t interest her so much. She will play with either but given the choice the bone would be played with more.




Freya is unusual for her age (approximately a year old) as she doesn’t really play. It’s like she doesn’t know how sometimes, she’s a thinker and won’t get playful if the kids are too close – just stops dead if teeth might touch my little people. She also won’t play if it’s toilet-walkies, or food time. Sometimes when she thinks I can’t see her she ambushes things – going from really calm to hyper! Sadly I missed my chance to video her going cuckoo with the Kong bone as I was laughing so hard. She was tossing it everywhere, almost skipping/dancing about with it, then as she was shaking it she threw it backwards over herself. This was hilarious to watch, but to me it was beautiful to see. My frightened little rescue dog is settling in, she feels at home.

I especially like the fact these toys are dishwasherable! Top shelf only, but that’s ace because Freya couldn’t get the last bit of biccie out of her bone so I shoved it in the machine, a quick rinse to remove doggy slobber (sorry) then a proper hot wash with everything else.


Kong toys on Swell pets vary in price starting at £3.19 for the Kong tennis balls with hidden squeakers with most of the Kong dog toys being around £9, but these same toys were more like £15 in pet stores near my home. They come in many styles, and sizes to suit most dogs. You might be thinking that’s a lot of coins for some rubber dog chewy toys. But these are built to last, and were recommended to me for Freya’s separation anxiety issues by a dogs trust dog training and behaviour expert. I wish I’d had something like this with my previous canine companions. About 15 years ago I had a destructive collie I’d acquired as she was quite a handful and no one wanted her, this would have kept her busy when I wanted a few minutes “break” from her.


I’d rate the classic shape Kong 8/10 and the Bone shape Kong 9/10. These toys should be viewed as an investment in you dog or puppies future happiness and not compared to cheaper dog toys. I’m confident she won’t destroy these!

The customer service at swell pets was amazing. I got a few emails about tracking the parcel, and advice from friendly staff. I’ve put them in my internet faves and will probably be shopping with them soon. Also it’s worth noting that orders over £29 have free delivery, and they sell pet food so you could always buy extra food to avoid the delivery costs. (Think about expiry dates though, you don’t want to go stockpiling it!)

Several of their items undercut the large pet store nearby, and delivery is fast. What’s not to like?
Swell Pets.


The Kong toys were provided for Freya and I to review on my blog. Our opinions are honest and our own.

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3 thoughts on “Kong – The Best Dog Toys Ever

  • Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Kongs are fab. Stella has to have the ones for strong chewers too. Plus she has a red one with the teeth-cleaning grooves on the outside, great design 🙂

    Like Freya though, when I brought her home she didn’t really seem to know about playing. Her previous owner had got her a tug-rope but she had no clue what to do with it bless her.

    So pleased our girls have happy forever homes, Freya looks to have settled in quickly! 🙂

    • JulieRoo Post author

      I’ve given Freya ropes, and to be honest I’ve demonstrated how to play, holding it in my teeth and shaking it. She got the idea. 🙂 But it’s weird she can play, but it’ll be a few 5 min sessions totally at random, then just suddenly stops and walks off.