Mini Adventures 11

This week I’m re-taking my driving test, having failed again just before the camping trip to Devon.

I lost it in a 5 to 10 second window – I stalled on a major roundabout, had a miniture panic attack and I think it was 5 attempts before I’d restarted – by which time I was crying. Instant fail right there, bugger!
I knew it was but after this we kept driving, and I had just 4 “minors” in total, and one of them was “gears” which related to the roundabout incident too, as I couldn’t restart it and hadn’t checked which gear – was second still. Seriously if I’d got first gear, I wouldn’t have stalled, then panicked, then cried, then failed! One mistake, a simple stall and I panic, I hate the “sitting duck” feeling of being on a dangerous bit, a junction, a roundabout, traffic lights, that feeling of an accident waiting to happen.

I’m the nearly passed sort of learner. I’m good enough until you sit me next to a man I do not know, holding a clipboard. I don’t even do taxis! I’m sure a few if the BritMumsLive ladies will remember I insisted on walking across London to that pizza place because I’m that nervous/untrusting of strangers. Yes, I am totally frightened of men I don’t know :-/

Anyways, yesterday I got a phone call from my driving instructor Allan. He said the normal car was in the garage being repaired and he was awfully sorry, but I’d have to use his courtesy car, a Mini.  Cool I’m thinking! I loved old Mini’s, it won’t be the classic Cooper though, but still cool.

Then today we had gone to Bristol for D’s last young driver lesson (thanks @v82Chris for the competition prize).
What do I see in the car park?



It feels like a sign, like good luck. This is not the actual Mini I will be driving, but honestly PASS MRB. A pass for @JulieMRB? Yes please. Please cross your pinkies for a test like last time minus the panic, that would have been 3 minors and a pass, a proper licence and freedom to go out alone.


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