Mini masterpieces with Galt 3

Jen and D had a go at crafting with the Galt mini mosaics set. Lots of lovely sticky foam squares – think colour by numbers but a whole lot cuter. We were encouraged to join in with this competition for the little ones to create mini masterpieces.

The problem with this was Jen and D loved the set so much they didn’t want to “waste” mosaic bits on it – sorry Galt, but this does mean it is a great kit. So it’s a big thumbs up from my boys.

The idea was to use the mosaic squares to recreate “The Kiss” painting by Gustav Klimt.  This is a very famous artwork, but I had never heard of it, sorry Klimt!

Jen used watercolour paint, crayons, and wax pastels from his craft and art draw to colour in his own The Kiss. D just wanted to use the mosaics set in the proper way.


This post is my entry in to Galt’s competition and we received the Mega Mosaics set to inspire us, and to help with this post.

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3 thoughts on “Mini masterpieces with Galt

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  • Lauranne

    Ha ha I have heard of the kiss and so can pretend to be a proper cultured art buff!! I must say I do love their version – especially the way it looks like there is a heart in the middle of the picture. Very deep!