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What do I want for Mother’s day? Expensive perfume? A meal at a posh restaurant? Flowers? NOPE!


Do you need to drop hints at your kids (or their Daddy)? Are you quietly bored of flowers? Maybe you’re on a diet and you know you are going to be given a huge box of uber-calorific chocs that you would feel you have to eat? Maybe you suspect you’re getting a bottle of your favourite scent, but you’ve still got 3 bottles of the stuff spare?

JOHNSON’S are offering mums the chance to download a special note that they can share with their family ahead of the big day. The JOHNSON’S® Baby brand knows that mums cherish special moments with their children, and the ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wish’ will help them to create a new memory they will remember for years to come.

A spokesperson for the JOHNSON’S® Baby brand said: “Mum’s are known for their selfless nature, so it’s no surprise that they aren’t looking for pricey presents to make them happy on Mother’s Day.
What they really want is to create another moment that they can treasure forever, one that only a child can give. By making the effort to spend time together, or by getting the kids to make mum a card, it’s really easy to not only put a big smile on her face,
but also show her just how much she means to everyone.”

The new survey, which has been commissioned by the brand to help make ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wishes’ come true, has produced a list of the top 10 things that will make mums happy this Mother’s Day.

What Mums usually get &
Their Memorable Mother’s Day Wishes (what then really wanted)

1. A Bunch of flowers
Having lunch together as a family

2. A hug from their children
A hug from the children

3. A box of chocolates
More time together as a family

4. Having lunch together as a family
A bunch of flowers

5. A handmade card
A handmade card

6.More time together as a family
Voucher for my favourite shop

7.Relaxing bath products
A bottle of my favourite perfume

8. A bottle of my favourite perfume
Making me breakfast in bed

9. A book
Homemade gift

10. Making me Breakfast in bed
A book


Other things I would like include a day out, without a tantrum. A walk in a sunny park. Hugs on the sofa, with the kids, the woofer, dvds and popcorn.

Mums who would also prefer family time over chocolates this year can download and share their own ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wish’ by visiting the JOHNSON’S® Baby Facebook page


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3 thoughts on “Mother’s day wish

  • Raffles Bizarre

    Hi Julie, thanks so much for your blog comment. I’m glad you found the post interesting.
    Did you check out the links I left at the bottom of the page? I think it was the third one which was a company that allowed you to have your existing pets trained properly. Or was there a particular reason that your dog is unable to be trained? Such a shame if so! Though I’m glad to hear your dog is a great help to you already, I often read about dogs being invaluable companions to kids with autism in particular but I don’t think a lot of people realise how much difference an animal can make!

    • JulieRoo Post author

      Sadly its for physical disability only, so I don’t qualify. My Freya understands me, and i love her back. But she is “bad” sometimes as she had a rough start in life. She growls at bigger dogs (as she’s terrified) and sadly tries to eat/kill small pets or wildlife. When she was stray she had to learn to kill for food, sadly this hunting won’t be trained out of her, so Dog A.i.d wouldn’t accept me or her as clients. Was worth a read though!