Mr Kipling #BetterWithCake 2

Just before Easter Mr Kipling and BritMums sent us some cake. Sadly I lost the images I took as my phone memory card failed, but luckily I’ve got permission from other bloggers to use their snaps. YAY!


Fancies, bakewells and whirls.

Image source MaxAndMummy blog.

We took our cakes on camping holiday to Devon with us. Cakes as a packed lunch snack on sunny days, or cakes with cuppas in the tent on chilly evenings.


We played games in the tent after dark with cuppa and cake.

No TV in a tent is boring apparently but I packed little games like Bananagrams, Uno and Monopoly cards. Much more fun than glaring at the idiot box (TV) for hours I thought, and I’ll be honest after the little folk went to bed Blokey and I were spelling very rude words in Bananagrams. Great fun for all ages! *Giggle*
Have you ever played adult Scrabble? 



Image source @SonyaCisco’s Instagram.

In my opinion Whirls suit cups of tea,  Bakewells go with hot chocolate and Fancies have no rules,  they’ll go with anything.

I have been trying to “eat less move more” and shift a few pounds so I didn’t scoff the lot myself,  I shared properly and offered the kids extra. They weren’t going to say no now were they?


Yummy French Fancies

Image source MaxAndMummy blog.

So what could you #MakeBetterWithCake ?
A picnic, a trip to the park, or maybe a little treat after dinner time?

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