One of those days 4

Am I the only person in England that knew nothing about the Tour de France being in London today?
Off I merrily went up the Northern line as I had been in central London this morning and afternoon. I had two hours to kill until my reserved train home. Camden the other half suggested, so off I went in search of shoes, something to fit these giant feet. On attempting to return to Paddington for my train home to Gloucester I got held up. Three selfish idiots holding the door open on the tube so their mates didn’t have to get the next tube. Then just mega busy trying to get past people in Paddington.

I got to the customer service desk 15 poxy minutes after my booked train and was expecting just to get told “the next train is at xy:zz on platform ABC.” This is not what I was told.

My £100 day return was apparently too cheap a ticket and I was not allowed to travel for 2 and a quarter hours. I watched trains leave with empty seats, which the staff wouldn’t allow me on.

I watched them leave and I cried. Apparently they were peak trains…. But ironically the 6:47pm to Cheltenham I was finally allowed on was so busy it was 4 carriages along before I found a vacant unreserved seat.

Why force me to wait until the busiest train? It makes no sense, none at all. I had a totally dead phone battery, I couldn’t let my partner and kids know I was still in London Paddington – so when I found a power socket I charged my phone and texted. I was in trouble as they were waiting for me.

I have cried most of this train journey home, and not one of the First Great Western staff have asked to check tickets. That really annoys me as for all they know I’ve got no ticket. There could be fare dodgers on this train but they do not care.

I could have been on those earlier trains. Dear FGW £100 day return is not a cheapy fare, please don’t naughty step me for being cheap when it’s flipping pricey. But more importantly tell your desk man at Paddington telling security or support staff to “watch her, she has to be on the 6:47 ’cause she needs help” whilst pointing towards me made me feel like a prisoner, a criminal. I didn’t say “I’m special and want a member of staff to escort me”. I just said “Hi I’ve missed the train I planned to get by 15 mins, can you tell me what’s next to Gloucester? I’m not reading the boards as I’m dysleksyc so they confuse me a bit.”

I was not asking to be singled out and pointed towards. You made me feel like an idiot. Why not just point and shout “that thicko needs help” ???

I snuck off when his back was turned and cried in the waiting room.

I am now nearly home but will have to walk from the station.

Customer service – 0
Customer satisfaction – 0
Customer embarrassment – 10


No one wanted to see my ticket!?

The irony is at Gloucester the ticket barriers were all open. Why did I pay????

*Slow sarcastic clapping*

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