Pawsome with Freya and Doris

The girls love getting toys and treats sent to them in the post.


In this month’s Pawsome box was a tough fabric ring toy with a rope ball in the centre, an adorable squeaky bunny teddy, Drinkies dog drink, Biogance clean pads paw spray, FluoFresh chew sticks and peanut butter flavoured bone biscuits.

Freya and Doris both like the bunny, it’s clearly thier favourite thing in the box. The Drinkies they both disliked and again sticking together, they neither like or dislike the tough toy. The tough toy is something that I would have chosen for them in a pet shop, so I’m wrong about what they like again. Fickle woofers.

The Biogance Clean Pads is a high quality dog grooming product, from France (and Pawsome is actually French too). It’s good for strengthening the paw pads, which is perfect for Doris, she’s a mad hound. She bolts up walls or fences and underneath vehicles to chase squirrels, sadly when she comes back to me her pads are often bleeding. Not good Doris! It’s full of skin repairing magic though, so I will be using it as a preventative – it’s also meant to stop thier pads from going numb during freezing cold walkies. Sadly I’ve got to be careful as it contains something I’m allergic to, darn it.

Drinkies is a great idea, herb infused water for dog health made by Woof & Brew. It contains rose petals, lavender, seaweed and more. It’s better than a muddy puddle! 😉 It’s supposed to be delicious but Freya and Doris refused to drink until I swapped back to tap water, sorry Drinkies, my fussy furballs say Nope. Freya likes puddles, I still dislike her love of puddles.


If you like rewarding your pooches but you like surprises pop over to and use code ukbb0ozr for a £5 discount.

Disclosure : We received this box in order to review it.

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