Please, bag it and bin it


Today I’ve been having a bit of a rant about dogs poo.
I’m fed up of other peoples pet poo in my garden, and on the path next to my house. It’s taking the pee!
There is currently THREE lots of dogs mess and one lot of cats mess in my front garden. Then a huge heap on the path that links my front door to the back of the house, where the road is.

I’m not being quiet anymore – please dog owners, get it picked up.

“Keep Britain Tidy” have free posters and stickers about various campaigns, and I’ve requested the posters and bin stickers that mention the “Poo Fairy”.
The posters will go on my downstairs windows and I’m going to staple one to my fence in a poly-pocket so the dog owning neighbours go past it.

The stickers are going on local bins, but also on the big metal gateposts onto the nearby field as dog walkers drive over and park behind our house to walk their pooches on that field. It’s one of few open spaces in this city, so I understand why the dog owners come here.

So who is with me? Anyone else up for displaying posters or stickers?

I’ve made my own posters for now whilst waiting for the proper posters to arrive, using WordArt in office, I used a hollow font shape I could colour in as we were low on printer ink.

Dear irresponsible dog owners, get a poopascoop, get a carrier bag, a nappy sack, heck even use your ex partners underwear, but just pick up the mess! BAG IT AND BIN IT.

Thank you, stepping off my soap box now.

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