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When the big lounge revamp was going on we discovered that the windows and back door were never fitted properly. To sort out this problem the chap we had in to decorate pulled away all the old trim and stuffed the gap between the wall and the window frame with sealant. Eight tubes of sealant later, and on went new thicker trim. Since then there has been a noticeable decrease in the draught.

window frame

New extra wide trim

I realise of course that if the lounge windows were so badly fitted you can bet the rest of the house is just as bad. So as each room gets a decor update I will have to do the same in those rooms, except I’ll use expanding foam filler to block out the gaps fully. Some things I can’t do myself though, like adjusting the window runner bits so they close straight first time. This will have to wait until Spring is over and we’ve recovered a bit from the financial pressure that winter brings.

I’ve been looking for companies that do repairs not just try to make you buy brand new, and Albany Windows* seem to be right for us, and local.

From their website…

Our motto is “repair before replace” and we will always quote you for repairs where possible, as well as offering a quotation for an upgrade. We also repair glazing we have not fitted ourselves.

That’s good to see in black and white that they aren’t trying to talk you into new windows if you don’t need them and they are willing to repair other fitters work. Almost everyone tries to push new at you these days, but I firmly believe in mending and making do.
Once little things are fixed or tweaked you’ll notice a big improvement.

For starters grab yourself some WD40 and spray door and window hinges – that stuff is magic in a can it is. Give the vents a good vacuuming, I suggest with that brush head that never gets used. Check how many window keys you have left, and look into getting more if you have lost most of them – you don’t want to get stuck with windows you can’t even open. If you’ve got net curtains take them down to wash, they get nasty over winter from condensation. Replace door screws if they are rusting. As our garden is always wet and muddy the screws at the bottom of the back door got damp several times and are rather rusty. Swapping them before they totally corrode is the best plan, but only remove one screw at a time so the frame doesn’t move.


I am a bit ashamed

If you have scratched glass maybe hide it under vinyl stickers. Look up “window film” and you’ll find plenty to choose from. I am considering giving our back door something, maybe silhouette trees and flowers or perhaps a monochrome pattern. This doesn’t just hide a problem it helps prevent further damage.

In a local hardware shop I’ve bought some draught tape. This is a rubber strip with glue on the back. You just need to stick it on to the inside of the door frame, if you stick it on the door it will do the same thing but look awful.

Can you think of any other tips to update your windows without forking out for new?
If you are in Gloucestershire do check out Albany Windows* and the good reviews on Which? Trusted Traders.

Disclosure : The words and pictures are my own, except the quoted section. Sponsored post.

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