A review of Poultry starter kit, from countrywide farm stores

A few months back we bought this chicken starter kit from CountryWide farm shop near our home. We had been looking at Omlet Eglu chicken homes* but they were so expensive.

The online price shows £250 but we waited until a special offer weekend to buy and paid £200. Worth the wait to save fifty pounds.
It’s a good basic package, but once you actually put chickens in this home its just not big enough. The shop staff had stated we would be able to keep 3 to 4 chickens. But this would be mean, in fact the local farmer we bought the chickies from refused to sell us 3 chickens after quizzing partner on our chicken run and coop size.

This was a bit of a disappointment, but doesn’t matter now. We’ve had the girlies a little while now and they seem to be ok with it.

The starter pack comes with a sack of food, a food scoop, a selection of basic medicines, and a water and food dispensing bowl.

With these automatic feed and water bowls they are huge compared to the coop and run size. I actually had to go back and buy smaller ones. So that I think is a poor choice of product to put into a multibuy deal in my opinion.

Whilst the extras are all ok, I’m still a little concerned by the overall size of the accommodation. As you can see, we pull the run forwards to allow the girls to go free range during daylight hours.

I would recommend this package if you were buying Bantams not normal brown hens as they are so much smaller. I would not recommend for normal hens unless you are able to let them free range daily. To be fair, it would be cruel to keep them so confined as my girls can’t even open their wings inside their run.

All of that said, the run and coop fit together well and are fairly well made. A few rough edges on ours, but not major.

On the whole I would say its 4 out of 5, not amazing, but a good starting point if you have never kept chickens.

* I wasn’t asked to write this, nor have I received anything for doing so. Just wanted to write a review for this. The Onlet link is an afilliate link.

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