River Dart Country Park Norovirus closure 3

Today we have had to pack up camp and leave.
There has been an outbreak of “Noro type virus” and campers with dodgy tummies. Last night park staff came round telling each tent/caravan to leave by 11am.
BBC news.





This is not how we were expecting the fortnight to go. We are going to be refunded, but We now have very upset children, and upset grown ups all round.

The BBC filmed us deflating our Airbeam tent, and D kept photo-bombing (or is it video-bombing?) the poor camera crew. I hope it was not live tv.

Now we are sat outside the closed cafe/pub using their wifi to try to find alternative campsites. I don’t want to go home to Gloucester, it would be a flipping long drive and a shocking waste of time to go all the way home now. Plus the boys would be crying most of the way.

Oh and D says “we are on the news now, its hit the BBC website. They’ve got a podcast”.

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3 thoughts on “River Dart Country Park Norovirus closure

  • Choclette

    Oh no, what a horrid thing to happen. Hopefully you found somewhere – there are lots of fab campsites in Cornwall – or so I’m told. Living here, I don’t need to use them.

    • JulieRoo Post author

      We are now at Europa at Woolacombe. Nowhere close by would touch us. As soon as we phoned places saying we need a family pitch immediately they’d say “are you one of the families at river dart?” and they’d be *full*.