Silverstone! 4

At last. After years of wanting to, I am on the way to a F1 race. *squeal*
I’ve loved grand prix motorsport since I was small, back in the Mansell years. Yet despite being a nearly life long fan I’ve never been to a race – the price is prohibitive to us normally. This time we can thanks to Planet Rock radio. A few months back I heard a comp on the radio to win 2 adult tickets and £250 spending money. So with that £250 we bought the kids entry tickets and this weekend that means its camping time! Freya has gone to her dog sitter and my next door neighbour will be feeding the small fluffy pets.


A lovely road sign.

We do glamping really. After years of arguing over tent assembly instructions we bought a huge Vango Airbeam. Instead of heavy metal poles or fiddley fibre glass elasticated poles we have an inflatable tent. The poles are actually strong tubes and the kids pump them up. Twenty minutes after we park up we have a tent up, no drama, no crying, no swearing.

They aren’t cheap (our set up cost four figures), but I must admit being a bit in love with our tent. If you camp a few times a year and you want a tent you can genuinely put up or take down quickly the Airbeam is for you. Ours has stayed up in storms perfectly well too, and we stayed dry.



I must admit I got a bit excited at seeing the new podium.
Bring it on.

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