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If you’re a long time reader you might have noticed that I think first aid training for parents (and kids) is a brilliant idea. If you’re new here, that’s cool too, but here is my post about my son choking and how I saved him. I don’t even like reading it back as it takes me back to that day – the boys were doing Christmas crafts and eating sweets. Sounds innocent enough but if I didn’t know what to do that story would have ended badly, I honestly think I could have lost my son that day. So yeah, I care about this!

Although the baby first aid course I attended was run by a different charity, when SJA (St John Ambulance) were looking for bloggers to help them spread the word about baby CPR I knew that this was for me. I volunteered loudly.
I don’t have a baby anymore, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t help with this campaign. I’m sure that you will have come across the nursery rhymes advert on telly, but here’s the slightly longer version.

SJA would really love all parents to watch the Nursery Rhymes Inc video and try to remember the rhyme, but I actually recommend going a step further – go on a course! Do any local first aid course you can, you never know when it might be helpful. Or if you don’t fancy even a mini course please consider popping a first aid app on your phone. In an emergency you could be looking at this app whilst talking to the lovely folks on 999 via speakerphone. I wish I had known about these apps sooner because last week I cycled past a car accident and didn’t know what to do, so I did nothing, which is very unlike me.

One of SJA’s apps is just for cyclists.
If I’m driving I do stop, I have a first aid box under my seat and some basic knowledge, I’ve even offered to drive an injured (but able to stand) motorcyclist to the hospital as it would be easier than waiting for professional help.

But on a push bike with no kit I feel useless. There was already someone phoning for help, all I could have done was get in the way. Perhaps with an app full of helpful first aid how-to advice and pictures in my pocket I would have stopped and been useful.


If you are browsing the SJA website after reading this post I think it is worth requesting their guide book (which is free by the way) and when it comes have a quick read and keep it in your first aid box or wherever you keep your plasters and paracetamol. I am waiting for my copy which will go in our medical kit on top of the fridge.

SJA don’t just do emergencies, they often cover sport and community events as a precautionary measure, and this is why I love them. To the ladies and gentlemen from Gloucester SJA thank you so much for being there at every single rugby match at Kingsholm stadium.

Thank you for everytime you’ve given me or my boys a plaster. Thank you for the help I received when alcohol was spilt on me at a match and my alcohol allergy kicked in. Thank you for letting my boys in your little caravan one day when the weather caught us out and Jen got dizzy from sunstroke. Thank you for helping when my little lad Jen got too cold this weekend, stupid Storm Katie. Thank you for letting me share your bench when I was pregnant and just couldn’t stand anymore, I’ve got a good memory. Thank you for giving Jen a cardboard sick bowl as a hat that time… THANK YOU.


Thanks SJA.

Disclosure : I volunteered to write this post. I’m not being paid to write this, but have been offered a first aid kit by them. The apps and first aid booklet are free to anyone who requests them.

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