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Speck were lovely and sent us some cases to try, for 2 of our tablets and 1 of our phones.
My eldest son D got his Nexus 7 last Christmas and he bought a very cheap leather look case from Amazon. It did the job, but within minutes of getting the Speck FitFolio case on his device he said he wish he’d got a better one a year ago and he couldn’t believe how much better it felt and looks. It costs £29.95 online. The quality difference is massive between Speck and the five quid generic tatt case he was using.


Around the edge you can see the hard plastic shell, with the leather over it.

The case is a solid and chunky plastic around the tablet device with a softer leathery flap around section. The outside edges are slightly shiney leather, and the inside edges are a suede feel.


In the stand position. Various grooves allow different reading angles.

The plastic section is extremely snug and not easily removed once fitted. Luckily D doesn’t want it removing ever. There are holes in all the right places to make the buttons and ports accessible. This cover is ace, or as D says “It’s coolibobs”.

He likes it, and he’s a lad that’s critical about technology and geeky gizmos. He said he can’t fault it and describes it as “a practical case, I mean it’s sensible and strong but not boring“. The only things I can point out, and they aren’t even negative, are that its a very tight fit and won’t fall out or slip (which might be an issue if you like to change your cases often), and it doesn’t have a stylus holder bit, but D ditched his stylus within days of owning the Nexus. Not having a stylus holder keeps the case tidy and small, so its not a bad thing. If you really wanted a stylus still you could get one of those you attach to the headphone jack hole or something like that.

Another good feature of the Speck case is that it has “sleep/wake” function which is basically a concealed magnet in lid flap so the Nexus knows if it’s open or closed. Clever. The catch on the case has a plastic fastener attached via elastic meaning it is simple to close but remains tightly closed. His cheap case would fall open in his rucksack, so I am pleased to see a decent fastener on the Speck. Although I won’t allow D to drop it from a height on purpose I’m quietly confident it would survive being dropped down the stairs or similar. In the cheaper case I’d have dreaded D dropping his Nexus tablet in case it got smashed.

The Speck case for Blokey’sHTC one X phone is plain yet strong, it’s that effortless sort of thing… You bung it on and forget about it. It is black with dark grey detailing so understated niceness and is priced at $34.95 on the US website, it’s not currently on the UK site. In my opinion you don’t notice a good phone case, it just becomes the phone, but my word you notice the bad bits of bad cases. So treat the “nothing to report” as a compliment.


Blokey's phone snugly in a CandyShell

I also chose an iPad Speck PixelSkin case in the blue. It looks amazing, and I liked it. This was more expensive at £44.95. Sadly this week Blokey’s iPad developed a screen fault and has gone back to Apple for repairs so a true review is not possible on this case. First impressions were I liked the bold colour and the matt pattern on a glossy base, a proper style statement. Compared to Blokey’s own iPad case (by Apple) he prefers his original Apple cover and I prefered the Speck case. It was tricky to stretch onto the iPad but as with the Nexus Case its not really an issue.
If I’d been choosing in person not online I’d have picked out the FitFolio case for the iPad instead of the PixelSkin – it just feels nicer to hold. The FitFolio for iPad would cost £34.95.

Disclosure: we were kindly sent these cases to review honestly.

I received a free item in return for this honest post.

We received some Speck cases in return for this honest post.

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