Things that get my goat 6

Recently things have been getting me down. 
The home improvements,  family,  pet problems,  my health and money. 


Such a mess during the work

For the whole of January something has been going on, plastering, sanding,  hammering and so on. It took longer than we wanted and cost more than agreed.  It’s still not over but at least the “handyman” is finished.  Now we are waiting for my lovely new carpet to be laid on Monday then it’s time to lugg the bookcases back down stairs, secure them to the walls and bring down all the boxes of books and dvds again.

We’ve had new dog issues as Doris is most definitely not house trained.  We ripped up the old living room carpet more than a week early in the hope she might stop going on the floor.  Didn’t work, but it’s made cleaning up easier – no Vax for now just a mop and lots of disinfectant. Hmmmmmmm pine fresh.


The underlay was rotten!

I knew the carpet was a state, but the underlay was hideous.  The hessian had rotted away,  and the rubber had expired.  The reason the carpet was going black was the underlay rubber was black, not the normal terracotta orange.  With this stinking ‘orrible old carpet in my car the boys took it down the tip. The smell almost vanished with the flooring. 

A few days later my car was due an MOT test.  I turn up late, got myself in a panic about where the garage was.  I get told “ooh you’re late, we’ll have t’do it late now too. Chaps busy” here we go I thought.  But that was it.  Me and the hounds walked toward the docks to kill some time and stretch their legs.  About ten minutes into walkies I spot a large animal lying on a grass verge under a tree. Oh uh! As we walk closer the girls seem upset and pull on their leads to get a good look. It was a fox – he looked perfect, not run over, no signs of illness,  no blood and he wasn’t elderly. I genuinely couldn’t tell if he was alive so I carefully poke his paw with my toe. He was gone, poor lad.  I phoned the council and reported it, pointing out other motorists might think it’s a dead pet dog as I had. On my return walk his body was gone,  I know the council will just cremate him then “green bin” his ashes, but that is better than him decomposing right there. The darling needed a proper burial really.

Blokey is going for a minor operation on Friday and afterwards he will probably hurt more than Mr Mole after a vicious game of whack a mole.

My health. …. . Blood tests.  I’ve had to have blood taken.  I was terrified but my friend without needle phobia came with me , holding my hand as I try to stay still but am shaking and crying so much. The deed got done and this morning I saw the results – I know they were testing for thyroid issues and/or diabetes.  Neither is good  but both coming back positive wouldn’t be unexpected. Blokey has thyroid issues and I am slowing acquiring the tell tale symptoms that his started with.
As for the other one, sometimes I get dizzy then feel angry and then I need sugar.  I don’t feel in control,  I grab chocolate or sweets, sometimes even cake topping decorations. Anything with sugar!
Oddly nothing is wrong, except iron stores being very low. I scored a six, normal is about 100. He says it’s because of my awful periods, which touch wood, have been okay since I stopped taking all contraception. So I’ve got leaflets on healthy eating to read recycle and I will be popping to the local chemist to get some multivitamin tablets.

The bunnies have got mites. A jolly bad case of mites. Little Bart is a bit aloof and doesn’t like to be picked up or stroked and always hides at feeding and cleaning times. So a fortnight ago I found Bart had entirely crusty ears. At first I thought Mo had buried him in sawdust and that that had stuck. Nope! I cornered him and brushed him, clumps of fur came off and he is now bald around his ears and the neck. I got him the medicine (Bephar small animal anti parasite spot on) I was advised to use.
On the box it gives you a correct dose based on the pets weight, double it I was advised. It is sold as a prevention medicine but is the cure too. Little Bart is fine now, his skin isn’t red and the mites are all dead but the bald patches look awful.

Money, I probably shouldn’t start explaining that worry.
But for now I just want January over so we can come up from drowning in over drafts and just relax a bit.


On a lighter note... bathing two muddy Salukis looks like this.

Sorry for the blog silence guys and girls.

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