Trespass or Inconsiderate Neighbours? 1

This morning I woke in the night, as I often do. Still a bit sleepy I walk in to my kitchen for a drink, not bothering to turn on the lights as I can see enough from the orange glow of a nearby street lamp.
I bent down to retrieve a clean and slightly warm mug from my dishwasher and I catch movement out of the corner of my eye. A woman is in my garden, walking past my window. I see her eyes towards me, shes looking in to my home, I duck but keep watch. Then a second shadow sneaks past. I hear whispered voices. They are standing still, in my front garden, right at my front door. I feel frightened. I shout loudly to Blokey upstairs “there are people in our garden” and I run upstairs to look from a safer place. Its not like opening my front door to two strangers at 2.30 am and demanding to know what the flip they are doing in my garden would be a good idea.

Once I’m upstairs I run into the kids toy room / indoor shed and lean out the window. I see a large man, leaning by my kitchen window still. I can’t see the woman, but I can hear her. I run in to my bedroom and lean out of this window. I feel frightened. Vulnerable. Blokey is half asleep, says “calm down, its not illegal to walk in our garden, I bet its just drunks” as I run back to play room window… They are both still in the alley that runs along the side of my house.

I again state things loudly for the trespassers benefit. I suggest I’m  considering calling the police. They continue to hide in the alley talking in hushed voices. It feels suspicious and wrong.

Eventually I see them walk away, in to a neighbours house. It appears that the man was the grown up son of the neighbour. But why act so odd. Why not just say “sorry love, thought you’d not notice me taking a shortcut this late” or something similar? I tried to call the non emergency police line, I gave up after 14 mins on hold.

Instead of saying sorry, they act so shifty I struggled to sleep and was up until 4am roughly. Thanks guys.

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