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I asked other bloggers recently if they knew of pet companies that work with bloggers. So Lisa suggested I get in touch with Wagg. I already use their Bunny Brunch food for my rabbits so was confident whatever they posted to Freya would be tasty.

It took me a while to get round to giving these training treats to her. The Dogs Trust staff had advised us do not keep swapping treats… Stick to one type, then swap when you’ve run out of the first ones. That way if something upsets your woofs tummy you know which new food or treat is to blame. That is great advice whatever pet you have.

Today I had a doctors appointment so had to go out for an hour, she chewed her toys and blanket up again, crying and stressed. So today was a good day for treats. Super cute little bone treats….

After the school run I needed bread and milk – which meant Freya Woof would need to be left outside the shop. Jen and I weren’t in there long, and normally I can hear her crying by the time I’m at the till. Today she didn’t cry! She was still worrying and pacing but this is progress. She got a huge squeezey hug and a few Wagg treats right there. The treats she was having previously she wasn’t that interested in, but these she just loved. Munching as fast as she could then sniffing about my handbag hoping to get a few more.


She rather liked these, really think she may work for these treats.
After a few on the sofa and passing me her paw a few times I decided thats enough and took the packet. As she kept trying to grab the treats I ended up having to sit on the open treats packet to stop her eating them all before hiding them in a tub. Now I’d say that is a successful taste test!


These treats are MINE!

Wagg also sell foods, not just treats. Dogs, cats, bunnies and other small fluffy pets are catered for at Wagg Foods.


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5 thoughts on “Wagg Dog Training Treats

  • Dalton

    Thank you so much for carrying out the review for us! I am so pleased that Freya Woof enjoyed them and I love that last photo – it’s true a picture is worth a thousand words!!

  • Sheena

    This is what I use to reward my dog for good behavior. He loves Wagg too much that I am pretty successful in training him Are you using positive reinforcement for your dog as well?

    • JulieRoo Post author

      Hiya, Freya likes the Wagg treats a bit too much as well. She’s refusing cheaper brands, even when in the park and other owners offer her treats, she sniffs them and walks off. I imagine she’s thinking “thats not right, I’ll wait for the better treats!”

  • Danielle

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