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On Saturday we went into the pet shop just to buy rabbit food. There was a kids hugging session with a “small animal” due in a few mins time, so my boys loitered.

Out came an old guinea pig called Dotty. She was up for adoption, and I heard the shop lady mention no body wanted her. She has a problem with her eyes, but I don’t care. It apparently will mean her eyes are permanently damaged, but their vets say nothing can be done now, was caused by previous owners, although I wasn’t told how. This means she’s cute and ugly at the same time. Four years old is oldddd for a guinea pig though, I think the average life span for a pet piggy is five years old.

Her personality is what got mine and the boys attention. She’s daft, friendly and lovely. She chatters away, but not constant so she isn’t annoying.

After adopting her I then got the news Nan was really ill, so we threw clothes in a bag and went for a long drive.

Anyway, she has been mowing the lawn for us, and distracting the kids at this horrible time. She eats EVERYTHING, and is quite a fidget. Hehe.

Each time the boys walk nearby she follows them, D is her bestest friendy. He can’t walk past without her leaning on the hutch bars and sniffling at him. She then sounds like a purring kitty as D strokes her head. Dotty will get upset if D ignores her when she wants his attention. I realise now she’s “new” this keenness from the boys won’t last forever. But for now at least the way they stroke her, chatter to her, give her food and water, and other caring is so sweet to see. They come in from school and nursery, throwing their coats on the kitchen floor as normal, abandoning their lunch box somewhere between the kitchen door and Dotty’s hutch as they rush to check she’s ok.

Unfortunately Dotty is terrified of my rabbit, Patch. She is also afraid of being caught… but once you’ve got her she complains for 5 mins acting frightened and upset, then she’s right back to being soppy. We couldn’t have found a sweeter pet if we had tried!

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