Why do I keep falling asleep on sofa!?! 3

I keep waking up on the sofa. Not good. Maybe its stress, the idea of bed does scare me; Because of the phobias.

Who knows, but I’m fed up of it. Just woken up, washing up not done, laundry still needs pegging, need to do my work Rota, A few job applications and haven’t fed my bunnies. Doing well. :/

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3 thoughts on “Why do I keep falling asleep on sofa!?!

  • brinkofbedlam

    You’re as bad as me. 4.10 am and I’m sat here reading blogs. Least you were doing something useful when you woke up. Why do your phobias keep you awake? Does other stuff worry you as well as the needle one? Not nice when you can’t sleep is it. :O)

  • ButtonF1Fan

    Haha, trust me you don’t want to get me started on that one! 😛

    OH hates it, I often do housework at silly O’clock.
    I have been known to be reading blogs at 4am too! If I Can’t sleep but can’t be bothered to get out of bed I’ll grab my phone and read stuff! Or start entering competitions on Twitter.:P