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My Freya is settling in but does have a bad chewing habit. Plastic objects in particular, such as wheels from KNEX Jen forgot to put away, the dosing lids off of laundry soap liquid, and kids drinking tumblers.
She’s a little monkey really. Whilst it’s very cute, it’s not great as it means I always have to watch her and can’t leave her home alone.


Looks angelic?


Not so angelic!

I was advised by the Dogs trust she needs “indoor kennel training” which basically means allowing her to use a doggy cage in the house so it becomes normal, just another bit of furniture. I disliked the idea of cages, or crates as they’re called now, but it makes sense with a dog like Freya. She likes to nest and bury herself in blankets or the kids coats or anything she can grab that’s fabric and she could nest in a crate. Her issue is she’s frightened of being abandoned again, so we have to get her in the cage/crate when we are home, occasionally locking the door and walking just out of sight for a few minutes. She needs to learn we always come back, we won’t dump her, we are her people now. Over time we can gradually increase the time until its an hour or more so I can go out alone, driving lessons or a trip to the post office would require a dog sitter at the moment!

Luckily Swell have come to my rescue and are sending us a Rosewood Dog Crate in extra large. It’s for sale on Swell’s website for £74.99 but the RRP is £84.99.
Freya might not be massive, but she’s very tall and mostly legs being a Saluki. While she might fit in a medium size if she curls up like she does on the sofa she can’t stand in a medium or large.

It’s never ok to go too small in my opinion, if in doubt buy the bigger one. Your pooch will thank you for the room to stretch out properly. Think of it like shoe shopping, half a size too big is always better for the kiddies feet than a bit too snug, and just like kiddies feet your loyal woofer could grow. You don’t want to have to buy a new one in a years time if Rover or Fido puts on a kilo or three.


Puppy hugs!

I’m looking forward to the delivery, and will write another post to say how Freya’s training is going.

As I write this post she’s barking in her sleep!

This post is sponsored. I will be receiving the Rosewood Crate for free in return for writing about it. My opinions remain honest and will be my views (with help from Freya!)

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